Our Ethos

Hunting and conservation go hand in hand.

At Haakdoorn Safaris we pride ourselves on the ecology of our game farm. Our plant, bird and animal life is the perfect example of the rich diverseness of the African bushveld.

Our farm focuses on three key areas: breeding, bird watching and hunting.

While these three things might seem mutually exclusive they are not. Our breeding program is vast with the majority of our game being sold to other game farms across South Africa. We vet our breeding partners to ensure that any game we sell will live the best life it can, even if it will be hunted.

Hunting is vital for game conversation. By only hunting the older or weaker game we can ensure the survival of the herd and the quality of life for our animals.

At Haakdoorn Safaris we only allow a small quota of animals to be hunted each year thus guaranteeing our herds remain at full strength.

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